FAQ’s (Registrations & Deposits)

Registrations and Deposits

Most frequent questions and answers

A bidder account is your membership on this online auction website. OnlineAuctions.Africa is a shared platform, hosting many different auction companies at one time. Your profile includes all your contact and invoicing details which will be shared only with the auction companies when you register for their specific auctions.

Not only are there different auction companies hosted on our site with their own Conditions of Sale, each auction runs under is own terms and conditions and desposit value (which is specified under Approval Requirements) So each auction is subject to individual approval based on bidders providing the required information. Once Registered you will be allocated a unique bidders number which will enable you toplace bids.

Please check each auction’s Approval Requirements tab. However, the general rule of thumb is up to date FICA documents and Proof of Payment of the desposit.

  • If purchasing in your personal capacity, a copy of ID and recent (not older than 3 months) proof of residence is required
  • If purchasing in your company name a copy of company registration form CM1 or CK1, CM46, CM9, a utility bill & CM29 or Resolution from company authorising representative to bid is required.
  • If purchasing where the person is not a RSA citizen, a copy of passport and proof of residence if living in RSA is required.

A deposit ensures intent to purchase by the buyer. Auction rules state that the highest bid is binding (in other words if you have the highest bid – you are required by law to purchase the item), the deposit is a security for the auctioneer that the buyer will not default on the purchase.

Each auction company hosting an auction on our platform will have their own trust account into which your deposit will be paid. OnlineAuctions.Africa does not take deposits on behalf of auciton companies. Please check the Important Auction Information tab for each auction for bank details.

Yes, according to Auction law, you will lose your deposit. Unfortunately, you will also be banned from bidding on any auctions on our platform in the future.

If you have successfully bid on a lot, your deposit amount will be deducted from the overall purchase amount.

If you have not bought anything on that auction, the auction company running the auction will refund the deposit as soon as possible. Please see each auctions Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.

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