How To Ship Items You’ve Won On Auction

If you’ve won an auction item in a different province, these are the steps you must follow in order to get your items shipped to you.

You’ve Won An Auction Item In The Furniture and Appliances Category
You’ve recently participated in one of Alf Duncan Auctioneers’ auctions and won an item. You’re feeling victorious, as expected but start worrying about how your items will get shipped to you.

According to one of our bidders, who’s a regular Alph Duncan Auctioneers bidder, Alph Duncan Auctioneers ship the items you have won straight to your address. So you don’t have to worry about the admin and logistics involved in finding a courier service once you’ve paid for your auction item invoice as well as shipping costs.

But what happens if you’ve bid in another Furniture and Appliance Auction where the auctioneer/ company doesn’t have a shipping service on hand? Which courier service can you contact?

The Online Auctions Team

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