8 Things First Time Bidders Should Know

Auctions are exciting and fast paced and their rules are a little different to an ordinary purchase. So it’s important to make sure you understand the basics before you try bidding for the first time. These 8 tips will get you on your way.

Sheriff Property Auctions A,B,C

Buying property at 20-50% lower than market value can be an attractive investment opportunity, but buying at Sheriff auction comes with many unknowns. If you’re considering buying on Sheriff Auction, it’s worth keeping these 3 simple points in mind..

The 3 Most Important Things You Need To Know About Auctions

In South Africa, there has been a general misconception about auctions, that they are only for forced property sales and dodgy car dealers. Auctions really are so much more than that. Reputable auctioneers offer a route to market that is efficient, transparent and fast. And they’re worth a try if you keep your head about you.

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