Onsite to Online Auctions – Why South African Sheriffs Should Consider Conducting Online Auctions

Besides the “spectacular benefits” of running online auctions, according to Theo Sibert, here are some additional factors why South African sheriffs should consider conducting online auctions:

Safety First – when auctions are online, sheriffs are likely to avoid community members who would in live auctions mobilise against the auctioning of a property.
Avoiding uncomfortable and violent confrontations with community members who have mobilised against sheriffs of the court who have been instructed to complete their duties.
Reducing any fraudulent activities from occurring such as people losing their assets illegally due to corrupt cops and sheriffs illegally selling attached properties to the public without authorisation from the courts.
Reducing the barriers of participation thus enabling individuals based anywhere in the world to participate in an immovable property auction, regardless of their physical address.
Reserve prices are more than likely met, seeing as online auctions have more enthusiastic bidders than onsite auctions.

If you’re a sheriff and you would like to conduct online auctions, find out how here

The Online Auctions Team

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